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It’s Sonic Good

This is my own, unedited screen cap. The interview is with Former U.S. President Bill Clinton on how he has adopted a plant-based diet after undergoing quadruple bi-pass surgery and having two stents inserted into his arteries. A 15-second commercial for Sonic also ran prior to the video. Sometimes God...

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Sweat Your Butt Off

Posted by General Zod | Posted in Weird & Bizarre | Posted on 19-05-2012



Devices promising to make you thin and sexy aren’t limited to lazy, stupid Americans. Turns out the body-without-effort message appeals on a global scale.

And while the products themselves range from the ridiculous to the bizarrely absurd, I have to admit, most commercials involving T&A are at least fun to watch.

Enjoy these titillating entertaining foreign TV commercials promising to make your a.. buttocks nice and shaply while you relax by the pool.

Bizarre Recommendations

Posted by General Zod | Posted in Poorly Placed Mayhem | Posted on 17-04-2012

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Sometimes automated recommendations go very, very wrong.

While looking at a friend’s engagement announcement in the Shelby (NC) Star, this ad appeared.

“Woman says man had sex with dog. 38 people recommend this.”

“Police: $6 sex act leads to prostitution charge. 98 people recommend this.”

Heart Smart Source?

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I don’t know about you, but I have my doubts about the heart-friendliness of anything on Steak & Shake’s menu.

Thanks to my friend Austin for sharing this.

Blossoming a Triple Misplacement

Posted by General Zod | Posted in Poorly Placed Mayhem | Posted on 21-11-2011

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Sometimes targeted banner ad campaigns display some silly stuff. But I’ve never seen it screw up three times on one page. Check this out.

I just read this great article at Ecorazzi about Mayim Bialik (Blossom, The Big Bang Theory) and her green lifestyle.

She’s talking about how her whole family lives minimally in order to leave a smaller eco footprint. She makes sacrifices like eliminating paper towels and unnecessary electronics to help the environment.

Kissably Smooth

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Nothing says kiss me like sittin’ on the potty!

Fletcher’s children’s laxative now comes with a free Softlips lip gloss. Um… ewww.

Maybe their slogan should be “Soften your lips while we soften your stools.”

Your Car is a Tramp

Posted by General Zod | Posted in Weird & Bizarre | Posted on 08-11-2011

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Dale Wurfel First AdEver test drive a pre-owned vehicle, glance in the back seat and wonder what that little stain is all about?

Well wonder no more.

Dale Wurfel makes no bones (ha!) about the fact that his cars have been around the block a few times. In fact, he thinks you should look for car with more, er, experience.

Friday the 13th: The Movie Trailers

Posted by General Zod | Posted in Just for Fun | Posted on 13-05-2011

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I’ve got a special treat for all you Jason Voorhees fans out there. You get the Friday the 13th movie trailers to not one, not two, but all the films right here in one convenient spot.

Failure to Launch

Posted by General Zod | Posted in Global Conspiracy | Posted on 15-04-2011

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GG Studio. They decided to screw sidestep the whole under construction page thing and just put their half-finished website right out there for public ridicule.

Click on their all-Flash (we’ll get to that later) website to see level after hideous level of failure.

It’s More Than a Game

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Safer Internet Day TV Commercial

Today’s WTF moment embarrassing little secret  is brought to you by Insafe – the European network of Awareness Centres promoting safe, responsible use of the Internet and mobile devices to young people (according to their own website).

How to Get Your Son Beat Up at School

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J-Crew Painted ToenailsWant a sure-fire way to get your little angel pummeled beyond all recognition every recess? Just pass this J.Crew ad around the schoolyard.